Learn The Buttons

Before You Begin Cooking:

Make sure your metal pot is in place, or the instant cooker will not work well. Also, remember that the times featured in this article may change. It all depends on the type of pot you are using and the amounts of liquid in the recipe. You can adjust the time default by pressing the time button.

In the top left corner, you can find the Soup button: start by putting in the vegetables in herbs you want for your soup, close the lid, and then hit the button. The time Default for this button will be 30 minutes.

Under the soup button, you’ll find the Meat and stews button – use it for roasts. The time default for this button is 35 minutes.

Under this button, you’ll find the Beans and Chili button.

Under that, you’ll find the Poultry button for chickens and alike.

On the top right of the pot, you’ll find the Rice button. It’s the only button that it’s time isn’t adjustable. It’s because the rice button adjusts the time to the amount of rice you put in the pot. This button is for white rice – use it for cooking Jasmin and Basmati rice. Just put the rice in, and you are done – don’t open the lid until the time is up.

Underneath the rice button, you’ll find the grain button – use it for brown rice and wild rice.

Under this button, you’ll find the Porridge button.

Right under it, you’ll the Steamed button – use it for fish and steamed vegetables. For the best results, use our silicone steamer basket. Under the Steam button, you’ll find the Yogurt button.

Underneath the yogurt, on the bottom row, you’ll find the Keep warm button – use it to keep your food warm, once the time’s up, you can adjust the time for the duration of time you need.

Next to it, you’ll find the Timer; you can adjust the cooking time for all of the buttons, using it with the plus and minus signs.

Next to it you’ll find the Cog manual button – its default is 30 minutes, but you can choose the time that you would prefer (use it only when the recipe calls for it).

Next to it, you’ll find the Pressurize button – use it to change the amount of pressure that you want to put on your meal.

On top of it, you’ll find the Slow cook button for slow cooking and cooking overnight.

The last one is the Saute button. Use it to baking and browning your meat; you can adjust the heat level. Press the button and wait until the slower cooker beeps, that means it’s getting ready to saute – you’ll see the word “on” on the screen, but it’s only heating up. Wait until the word “hot” appears on the screen before putting the meat and oil in the cooker.

We hope you found these tips and instructions helpful. If you have anything to add, or would like to read more helpful hacks from fellow Instant Pot users, please join our Facebook group There, you will find a vivid discussion, as well as recipes and additional Instant Pot using tips and techniques.

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