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Instant Pot FAQs

Here are the answers to the most frequent asked questions about the Instant Pot:

It means that you let the pressure disperse on its own.

Quick pressure release is the fastest way to let all the pressure out of the instant pot.

To do so, use these three simple steps:

  1. Wipe down the outside of the instant pot using a damp rag. Crumbs tend to get caught in the lip on the top of the Instant cooker. Use a butter knife warped in a damp cloth to clean it. Slide the blade through the rim to clean it up from spills and crumbs.
  2. Clean your stainless steel pot – to make your stainless steel pot look shiny and new, soak a rag with a bit of white vinegar and wipe it down. You can also use a spray bottle to spray the vinegar inside the pot and then wipe it clean using the cloth. To help it shine, use the Bar Keepers Friend; put a squeeze of it in the bottom of the pot, then rub it with a damp rag. When the pot is covered with the liquid, wash it clean with soapy water.
  3. Take apart the lid; first, remove the steam release handle by pulling it straight up. Second, pop off the anti-block shield by pressing it sideways with your thumb. Third, remove the little silicone plug that’s on the bottom of the float valve. Forth, clean all the pieces thoroughly in warm soapy water. Then, make sure they’re fully dry before putting the lid back together.

Mostly the cooking time does not change.

You may need half to cut in half. Make you keep the minimum of fluids required to come to pressure.

Under pressure, the inner pot can reach temperatures above its boiling point, and it’s essential to make sure that things don’t overheat. The purpose of this message is to help save your dinner and to protect the cooker.

The PIP (pot-in-pot) cooking technique is a method of cooking food in a separate dish placed on a trivet inside of the Instant Pot liner. The steamed created by the water underneath the trivet will build the pressure to cook the food.

You can use Crisplid to turn your Instant Pot to an air fryer.

To prepare the rice, use the pot in pot method described above.

It means you need to use the “-” button to reduce the pressure cooking time to zero minutes. The food will still cook because the pot takes a while to reach pressure.

We would recommend purchasing a pot for pot – in – pot cooking, our Silicone Egg Bites Molds with built in handles & trivet for small portion cooking, and our Silicone Steamer Basket for steaming vegetables and cooking large quantities of food.

Good luck, hope you get the most out of your Instant pot journey!

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