Converting Any Recipe To Instant Pot

Here’s your step-by-step guide to converting nearly any recipe to work in your Instant Pot:

Avoid using dairy ingredients as much as possible

Cooking dairy ingredients in the Instant Pot is not like any other cooking method. If a recipe calls for a dairy component, add after decreasing the pressure in the pot. It’s essential to do so because the high heat and pressure can cause dairy and milk to burn, and by that ruin your meal.

When cooking within an IP, be mindful of the size of the pot

Recipes with foods that tend to expand like pasta or beans should be scaled down to make sure you don’t overfill the pot. The IP can’t be full, make sure it’s only 2/3 full to ensure safety and the best cooking results. If it’s full, the IP will not create the sufficient pressure needed for the cooking process.

Use similar recipes as your guide for Instant Pot cooking time

To adjust the cooking time, look for a similar recipe online or in a cookbook. Use the cooking time that’s written in the recipe while using the original recipe for ingredients.

If you can’t a similar recipe, use a reliable chart to find the cooking time for the main ingredients in the recipe if you need to adjust the size of the components by cutting them smaller or Saute’ them to match up to the cooking times in the Instant Pot recipes.

Pressure release

The natural pressure release is a process in which the pot stops the cooking process, and the pressure is released naturally without moving the valve. Use it for meats, don’t use it for pasta, rice, and delicate vegetables that can over quickly – for foods like that, use a quick pressure release.

Experiment with amounts

The best way to know what works in recipe converting is trial and error. If you need to adjust the times and quantities for next time, write it down so you can do better next time.