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With your new kitchen companion, the Instant Pot, you can make all your favorite dishes in half the effort and a fraction of the time. Let us show you how.

Here, you can find all the culinary inspiration you need with our ever-growing list of easy recipes, tips and general info on safe, healthy and delicious cooking that the whole family will enjoy.

From breakfast porridge to brisket skewers, we’ve got all your gastronomical cravings covered.

Using Tips

When it comes to cooking, the Instant Pot is an absolute life changer. There’s no doubt about that.

But owning this marvelous appliance is not enough. To make the most out of it, one needs to know how to properly use it for the various functions and purposes it can fulfill. 

We have collected some great tips and advice that will make your next Instant Pot meal a blast to make and an absolute success.

From safely to healthy meal prep, here’s everything you need to know about operating an Instant Pot.

Before You Begin Cooking: Make sure your metal pot is in place, or the instant cooker will not work well. Also, remember that the times

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Instant Pot Burns are very common among new Instant Pot users. We’re here to help save your future meal prep with some guidelines to prevent

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Here are the answers to the most frequent asked questions about the Instant Pot:What does Natural Pressure Release mean (NRP/NR)? It means that you let

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Popular Instant Pot Accessories

Kick up your Instant Pot game a notch with these quality silicone accessories.

Made up entirely of food-grade silicone, they are safe for you and your loved ones and can do wonders when it comes to your culinary experience.

Whether you’re after the perfect muffin molds or looking for a multi-purpose steaming basket, we got you covered.

Egg Bites Molds

With this trivet mold, you can cook muffins and more overnight so they’ll be ready to enjoy in the morning!

Silicone Steamer Basket

Designed with interlocking heat-resistant handles for easy pickup, built-in trivet for sturdy base support, and higher supporting outer walls for keeping the food safe and secured inside.

Silicone Trivet

This extended silicone sling features a multi-functional design that lets you easily and safely lift out your bakeware out of the pot, use as an egg rack, or even cook meals as a roasting rack!

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